I have been cooking for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, I cooked for my family quite often.  This was my experimental stage and they were my guinea pigs.  Apparently, my brother remembers a tomato phase where I put them into everything I made.  He doesn't like tomatoes to this day.  I remember one incident in which my sister was quite upset that I had ruined the potatoes. She was very serious about her potatoes!

My culinary skills have come a long way since those days but I am still learning and in no way claim to be professional.  My skills have developed, solely, from my passion for cooking and eating.  Everything that I have learned has been borne through trial and error and in imitation of great restaurant food. I am still experimenting and looking for new tastes and those that sit at my table are often still my guinea pigs.  Most people don't seem to mind, though.

I believe that food brings people together and I relish every opportunity to plan a food gathering.  I love robust flavours and my mantra with food, wine and coffee is, "Go big or go home".

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